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Government Vendor Factoring Is Big Business

Government Vendor Factoring allows small to mid-sized companies to bid on large contracts and grow their businesses. But often small to mid-sized companies are reluctant to bid for larger contracts because they are doubtful that they have the financial wherewithal to take on the large contract due to the payment terms.

The Government still continues to be the best payor and a good credit risk in the country but quite often pay their invoices late this in turn strains the availability of working capital the small business needs to fulfill the terms of the large contract.

Factoring Government receivables is an excellent way for these companies to bid on contracts with the federal, state and local governments and we can show them how to leverage these contracts to create continuous predictable cash flow to fund and continue to bid on government contracts.

Factoring Government receivables has become big business and the “Notice Assignment of Claims Act” was created by the Government to make it easy for the government contractor to assign the payment it is due to the Factor.

Setting up a Government Vendor Factoring facility takes 5 – 7 business days. Once set up the Government contractor (small to mid-sized company) can usually receive up to 95% of the total value of the invoice in as little as 24 hours.